Even though it’s dark and dreary outside, our natural rhythm as women is tied to the cycle of the Earth in conjunction with the moon. This is the time to plant seeds. Whether it’s new ideas, seeds of change, or seeds of fruition.


House Bill 12-1060 Defeated

by Amy Porter February 8, 2012 Current Events

The House Agriculture Committee heard House Bill 12-1060 on Monday, February 6 and defeated it (read postponed indefinitely).

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The Directory is Done. What to do Next?

by Amy Porter January 27, 2012 Alternative Healing Modalities

I choose a modality for releasing that I’m more than comfortable with. It’s breathwork. I’ve been a breath work fan for 20 years. Breathwork utilizes the power of our own breathing to energize the body; and allows the body to make choices separate from the over-protective ego.

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It’s Time for a Little Healing

by Amy Porter January 24, 2012 Alternative Healing Modalities

Now that our health, healing and wellness directory, Terra Essentials has been birthed, I have time. It’s time for a little healing for my body. While the last month has been hectic and not that stressful, it did take a toll on my physical body. It’s time for me.

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Let’s Drink to the CDC

by Amy Porter January 12, 2012 Current Events

More than 38 million US adults binge drink, about 4 times a month, and the largest number of drinks per binge is on average 8

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