Ensure a Strong Future for Forests

by Deity on November 12, 2007

By Union of Concerned Scientists September 2007 Forests provide habitat for more than half of all species living on land, help filter pollutants out of the air and water, and prevent soil erosion. They also play a major role in regulating global temperatures by absorbing heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in […]


A Tip to Warm Your Hearth

by Deity October 26, 2007 Alternative Energies

By Union of Concerned Scientists October 2007 With fall in the air, it’s time to ensure your home is properly insulated. Insulation prevents heat from leaking out of your home in winter and into your home in summer, making it more comfortable year-round and reducing your energy consumption, global warming pollution, and heating and air […]

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My Rant: Halloween Candy

by Deity October 26, 2007 Astrology

For 361 days a year, candy is taboo. The scourge of all things sugar. Four days a year, It plays a role in our family traditions: Valentine’s Day, Easter/Passover, Halloween and Christmas/Hanukah. For 3 of the holidays, you have a choice. You can get good quality chocolate or the stuff from the local box-store (BS). […]

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You Don’t Have To Be A Witch To…

by Deity October 26, 2007 Astrology

By Rev. Courtney Starwolf 1st Published on You don’t have to be a witch to celebrate Halloween. You don’t have to consider yourself psychic to see your future. This Halloween night, be a little of both. Halloween night represents a sacred time when the veil between our reality and the ‘unseen’ reality is the […]

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Soul to Soul Book Review

by Deity October 18, 2007 Book Review

By Heidi Metcalfe With the publication of his revolutionary book in 1990, The Seat of the Soul, Zukav emerged as one of the most important leaders in the world of spiritual development. Since its publication it has sold more than 3 million copies and was a #1 New York Times bestseller. Millions of people around […]

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