Alternative Healing Modalities

Marsha Henderson and Thermography

by Amy Porter June 7, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

It wasn’t so long ago that a woman didn’t have any choices if she found a lump in her breast. There were no diagnostic tools available. Then came mammograms, an uncomfortable and slightly expensive procedure that women avoid it if at all possible. Add to that debate of whether women need a mammogram or not, […]

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That Ol’ Gut Feeling

by Samantha April 6, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

By Samantha Gowing Ever thought twice about crossing the street or trusting a new neighbour or colleague, or maybe, have you had the sense that something unusual was about to happen? Perhaps, you have read of people who chose not to get on a plane that eventually crashed, because they had a ‘bad feeling’. […]

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Stop Leaving Yourself Last

by nathalie April 6, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

By Nathalie Lussier This is a guest post by Nathalie Lussier. Her post is the perfect start to this month’s theme of living more sustainably. Does it ever happen that you’re busy at work on something and you forget to eat? Or maybe you’re running around town trying to get all your errands done, […]

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Do You Have Natural Iodine in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit?

by Amy Porter March 19, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

By Cynthia Timberman Since the 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan on Friday, the Fukushima plant, which houses two nuclear reactors, has experienced two explosions and a third reactor has lost its cooling system. If a nuclear event occurs, radioactive iodine can be released into the air and inhaled. It can also contaminate the local food or […]

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National Nutrition Month

by roberta March 19, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

By Roberta Genét With nutrition and diet at the forefront on Oprah Winfrey shows, and with weight loss programs even showing up as TV reality shows, there’s definitely been more attention being paid to the issue of obesity in our country. Mr. Oliver from England worked with a couple of counties here in the states […]

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