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Top 10 Health-Related News Events in Colorado Springs

by Amy Porter December 31, 2011 Current Events

Everyone has their top 10 favorite events.  What are yours? These are Terra Essentials, the good, the bad and what needs to be  remembered in alternative and holistic health for the year 2011. Regional Planning When does emphasis on planning take precedence over actually making change?  These are 3 examples of on-going regional plans.  It’s […]

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Teen Birth Rate Hit Record Low in 2010

by Amy Porter November 19, 2011 Health & Healing

Courtesy of the CDC Having just seen the new movie, GrowthBusters, I was intrigued by the CDC update.  If we’re concerned about overpopulation, this was good news. And there’s more declining population data in their pupdate than what the headline suggests.  According to their report released November 17 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, […]

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Do I Really Want to Eat?

by Amy Porter October 2, 2011 Current Events

Here are the food recalls send out by the FDA on Sunday, October 2.  It makes me worried about what I eat. Publix Recalls Spinach Dip Due To Possible Health Risk 09/27/2011 03:45 PM EDT Publix Super Markets is issuing a voluntary recall for spinach dip because it may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes. The […]

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National Organic Program and the NOSB at Work

by Amy Porter October 1, 2011 Farming

It appears that fruit can be sprayed with Tetracycline and still be considered organic and the general public doesn’t have to be notified. What if someone is allergic to Tetracycline? They can’t ask their grocer, “Do you know if these apples or pears come from a fire blighted area and were sprayed with Tetracycline?”

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“High School Students Don’t Get Enough Sleep” says the CDC

by Amy Porter September 30, 2011 Current Events

On Monday, September 26,  the Centers for Disease Control (our health care gurus) posted this media alert: Insufficient sleep among high school students associated with a variety of health-risk behaviors I had to smile.  Every parent knows this.  And, had to wonder how much money was spent to taken this from anecdotal to case study […]

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