Caffeine Trivia

by Deity on August 19, 2006

Courtesy of National Geographic (January 2005) and Mark Frauenfelder’s blog

Do you know how much caffeine you are ingesting? This chart was courtesy of National Geographic by way of Mark’s blog.

  • Hershey’s milk chocolate almond bar, 6 oz 25 mg
  • Espresso, 1-oz shot 40 mg
  • Brewed tea, 8-oz cup 50 mg
  • Coca-Cola, 20-oz bottle 57 mg
  • Red Bull energy drink, 8.3-oz can 80 mg
  • Excedrin pain reliever, 2 tablets 130 mg
  • Brewed coffee, 12-oz cup 200 mg
  • Mountain Dew, 64-oz Double Big Gulp 294 mg

Have you wondered what makes those energy drinks kick? They have what’s called Guarana.

Guarana contains high levels of caffeine.

  • It comes from the seeds of a woody vine native to Brazil named for an Amazonian people, the Guarani, who process the seeds for use in food, drink, and medicine.
  • Guarana contains concentrations of naturally occurring caffeine higher than that found in coffee, tea, cacao, and kola.
  • Guarana sodas are immensely popular in South America, especially Brazil, and the stimulant is finding its way into more and more energy drinks.

(Heidi Schultz, National Geographic, January 2005)

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