Cosmic Opportunity From the Editor’s Perspective

by Deity on October 15, 2006

While this may or may not be a visible occurrence, I don’t think this cosmic opportunity should inspire dread in the general populace, disclaimers by paranormalists (ie Dr Richard Boylan) nor paranoiac acts by the government. Patricia Cota-Robles article is a call for citizens to take some action, any action toward reclaiming their sense of responsibility both with regards to their government and toward themselves.

According to Cota-Robles this time period between the 17th and 18th is a very intents time for setting intents. I see this as a perfect time to practice how to set intents. Do you know how to set intents and more importantly, how to make them happen?

To encourage our citizens to take responsibility, I encourage everyone to read the other articles Our Wonderous Creative Minds by Barbara Royal and how to make your intense known and make them effective.

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