Our Wonderous Creative Minds & Souls And the Cosmic Event on October 17-18

by Deity on October 15, 2006

By Barbara Royal, Soul Practitioner©

Humanity is the only species endowed with the creative attributes of Spirit. We have the ability to create to our benefit or detriment.

You may or may not be aware that the Soul (identified as the subconscious by science) is the creative medium of Spirit and humanity. It does not distinguish good from bad. It is neutral and manifests the thoughts and feelings put into it from our conscious mind. During human embodiment, we unknowingly place an array of positive and negative thoughts and feelings into our Soul. The positive thoughts and feelings create health, joy and abundance. The negative ones create the stresses and “dis-ease” that interfere with our ability to manifest our heart’s desires.

Ernest Holmes informs, in Living the Science of Mind, that we are “spiritual and mental broadcasting stations.” Since humans are united in the level of Spirit and have the creative attributes of Spirit, we have the ability to broadcast and receive both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. Receptivity or rejection of these thoughts and feelings depends upon one’s attunement with another’s mental wavelengths. Additionally, this mental activity can lodge in the collective consciousness of humanity and manifest as situations we see in the world. Be aware, also, that since everything moves in circles (what goes around, comes around), the messages we broadcast return to us.

With a better understanding of our wondrous creative Minds and Souls, I hope you will appreciate the importance of the next bit of information. Please read on.

Patricia Cota-Robles tells us of a Cosmic event that will occur on October 17 and 18 that will give us a jump start in manifesting the things we would like to co-create in our own lives and on this planet.

There will be an ultraviolet pulse beam from higher dimensions crossing the path of Earth that we have not previously been able to experience. We will be held in the embrace of this highly charged ultraviolet beam of Light for approximately 17 hours. The energy emanating from this beam resonates with humanity’s 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras. According to Patti, the Beings of Light have revealed that during this period, the ultraviolet pulse beam will have the effect of amplifying our thoughts and emotions ONE MILLIONFOLD. This will be the case regardless of what our thoughts and emotions are expressing.

The ultraviolet pulse beam will be a wave of Light that traverses the planet, so no matter what time zone we are in, the important times will be the same: from approximately 10:17 a.m. on October 17 until 1:17 a.m. on October 18. The peak time will be 5:10 p.m. on October 17.

Patti asks that the Lightworkers of the world use our thoughts and emotions to expand the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government on this planet, as well as empowering the newly reactivated patterns of Heaven on Earth.

I urge you to consciously impress within your “Soul broadcasting station” that which humanity has yearned for, both personally and collectively. Let us use our God-given creativity, not only on the 17th and 18th, but forever more, to remold our lives and our world, and manifest Heaven on Earth.

For Patti’s full article, please go to Patti Cota-Robles’ web site at http://1spirit.com/eraofpeace.

Barbara Royal is a Soul Practitioner©, facilitating Soul Restoration©, decree work and constructive manifestation. Barbara is available for private sessions and workshops, locally and nationally. She may be contacted at 719-687-1191 or barbara@angel-miracles.com. For more information, view her web site, http://angel-miracles.com.

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