Fully Fertile ~ The Review

by Amy Porter on November 9, 2011

When we were planning our 3rd child (yes pregnancy can be planned and not just happens),  there wasn’t a book that supported us to get fully healthy, let alone Fully Fertile.  We were lucky.  We had no problems in conceiving.  Many of our friends weren’t so lucky. They tried month after month,  struggling with the act that should have been focused on intimacy and joyous. and instead created months of self-doubt and rushed joinings.

That’s where  Tami Quinn, Beth Heller & Jeanie Lee Bussell’s book Fully Fertile comes in.  My friends’ stories are their stories of getting and staying pregnant.  They answer the how and why questions.  Their solutions are not the traditional medical solutions of thermometers, charts and drugs.  They each used pre-1900 techniques to bring balance the body and to the act.  Their book is filled with tried and true techniques based in yogic tradition, acupuncture, nutrition, relaxation and spirituality.  Their explanations are easy to understand; the yoga postures are semi-easy to do.  (I’m not a “no pain no gain exercise advocate”.  The pain just re-enforces that the body message that it isn’t fully prepared for being pregnant.)

The first part of the book is their stories ~ each different~ yet tellingly the same as my friends.  The struggle, the sadness, and finally techniques that worked.

What I loved most about the book is the pictures.  They make the yoga poses easy to follow.  I also like how nonjudgmental the book it.  Tami, Beth and Jeanie don’t point blame as to why pregnancy doesn’t just happen for some.  They offer solutions.

Why am I posting this review right now?  Last week we posted a review of Scott Blum’s new book, Winter Moon Rising.  In his Scott writes about his (the masculine) spiritually journey into birth.  In fact, after I read Scott’s book, I then re-read Fully Fertile marking passages that would answer some of Scott’s questions, especially around his wife’s miscarriage.

Both books so enhance the birth process.  I love them both.

Enjoy Fully Fertile.  We’re working to get more copies in Colorado Springs.  When you go to your favorite bookstore, ask them if they are carrying it; and buy a copy to share.

My 5 words about Fully Fertile: Can’t Conceive Get Fully Fertile.

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