It’s Time for a Little Healing

by Amy Porter on January 24, 2012

Now that our health, healing and wellness directory, Terra Essentials has been birthed, I have time.  It’s time for a little healing for my body.  While the last month has been hectic and not that stressful, it did take a toll on my physical body.  It’s time for me.

First, healing has nothing to do with getting healthy, unrealistic expectations like, loosing weight, going to the gym, or suddenly looking 20 years younger.

Healing has to do with trust, letting go of old patterns and forgiveness.

Working on the directory reminded me of old patterns, learned in college: staying up late, multi-tasking (editing, doing laundry, and shredding simultaneously) and eating like crap.

Time to change them.  The ice cream leaves today.  L I will miss my old friend.  Standing up straight and breathing better = stretching & kettle bells.  Lastly, turning off my computer.  It’s time to give my computer a rest.

If I can let go of patterns that are destructive, then so can you.  Part of my patterns are ingrained at the cellular level or as my friend, Allan says, “It’s muscle memories.” Hence my bad “over-burdened” posture.

I’m going to post about different modalities I’m using.  They are all in Terra Essentials directory.


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