You Don’t Have To Be A Witch To…

by Deity on October 26, 2007

By Rev. Courtney Starwolf
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You don’t have to be a witch to celebrate Halloween. You don’t have to consider yourself psychic to see your future. This Halloween night, be a little of both.

Halloween night represents a sacred time when the veil between our reality and the ‘unseen’ reality is the thinnest. The dissemination of this veil releases us from the bonds of plain sight and opens us to our own invisible sight-the ability to see beyond our everyday view into the spiritual periphery. We will actually be transported into the invisible world where our ancestors sleep, our spirit guides play, and our own spiritual light shines with them.

In order to see beyond the veil this night, preparation is of the highest order. The simplicity of these acts are up to you. If you like simple, do them simply. If you have a flavor for flare, do them with flare. But by all means be yourself, honor your truth, and believe!

      1. Decorate & Honor
      2. Choose Your Tool
      3. Cleanse
      4. Set Your Intention
      5. See Beyond The Veil

Decorate your space in a sacred way, adding meaningful objects that represent who you are-statues, pictures, crystals, incense, candles. Add to your space objects from, or pictures of those you love who have passed on. Perhaps something they gave you or something you feel represents them. Add flowers, fresh or dried. Whatever you see fit to represent Mother Earth in this her season of change.

Choose your divination tool. Beginners may want to use a tarot deck or oracle deck like Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards or Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck. You may choose to cast runes as well. For more advanced workers, you will want to see beyond the veil with the help of your favorite crystal ball or a black scrying mirror.

Cleanse yourself, your tools, and your space. Use tonight’s Full Moon to bathe your tools in unimpeded moonlight. Halloween night, take a sacred bath with candles lit and special oils to clean and sanctify your vessel. Cleanse your space with sage, your favorite herb, I like Angelica, or your favorite incense. A guideline is to walk around your space using the smoke of your cleansing herb to set the space. Always walk clockwise around your space, beginning in the East and coming back full circle to the East. Be sure that your space is quiet and free from distraction, you will not want to be interrupted while you are doing this sacred work.

Set your intention. You might say something like, “On this holy night when the veil is thin, I call to my ancestors, my spirit guides, and to those who would help me in my journey, to come and sit by my side as I gaze into future events. With gratitude I state this intention with love and light. Amen.” You will want to light any candles at this time. You may also light a different flavor of incense.

See Beyond the Veil with your tool. If you are using tarot cards or runes, ask a specific question about what the future holds, or ask your spirit guides to answer a question for you. Sit quietly listening for the answer as a whisper in the air and with the images on your cards or runes.

If you have chosen to scry with a crystal ball or black mirror, quietly sit and focus your thoughts on your question. Allow your eyes to gaze upon the ball or mirror. Do not force your eyes to focus. Allow them to become blurry and unfocused while still keeping fixed on your divination tool. Images will begin to come to you. Do not judge or analyze these visions now, just take a mental note of your visions, write them down when you are finished.

When you are finished write or draw a picture of your thoughts, feelings, and visions. With gratitude thank your ancestors, spirit guides, and other spirit helpers who came to help you see through the veil. Ask them to return to their homes beyond the veil. Sit in quite contemplation for as long as you need. Release your sacred space.

Trick or Treat!

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