“High School Students Don’t Get Enough Sleep” says the CDC

by Amy Porter September 30, 2011 Current Events

On Monday, September 26,  the Centers for Disease Control (our health care gurus) posted this media alert: Insufficient sleep among high school students associated with a variety of health-risk behaviors I had to smile.  Every parent knows this.  And, had to wonder how much money was spent to taken this from anecdotal to case study […]

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2011 All Pikes Peak Reads selections

by Amy Porter September 13, 2011 Book Review

Pikes Peak Library District announced the 2011 selections for the All Pikes Peak Reads (APPR) earlier this year. The titles are: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, and The Pioneer Photographer by William Henry Jackson and Howard Driggs. The selection for elementary school students is The Landry News by Andrew […]

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Seeds of Freedom – the Review

by Amy Porter September 6, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

By Tamyre Diamond Is this all there is?  Heather Marie Wilson is an bright, articulate, well-educated business professional.  She was an executive in a Fortune 50 company for 20 years:  successful but trapped, “like a hamster on a wheel, running after success.”  She was bored, living alone and totally stressed out.  She felt trapped and unable to make changes.  What paralyzed her the most […]

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New Bacteria Associated with Tattooing

by Amy Porter August 14, 2011 Alternative Healing Modalities

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention just issued an update on issues associated with tattooing.  No this isn’t my time to rant about the quality of the ink being used.  (I’ll save that for another time.)  This post is to let people know that there is a new bacteria associated with tattooing that MDs […]

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Do Drink 6 – 8 Glasses of Water

by Amy Porter August 5, 2011 Current Events

There is a posting from a doctor in Scotland going around that says we don’t need to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water.  My first thought, then what do we drink?  Instead of ranting on the evils of soda, excessive coffee consumption and certain juices, I’ll let Dr Mercola do that. For those living […]

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